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Healing After Birth - Natural, Inexpensive Methods For Healing


Know someone that has recently had a baby?

There are many natural substances and techniques for expediting healing after having a baby. Here's a list of what you or a friend might need in the days before and after bringing life into this world. 

Arnica Montana: Arnica speeds healing, decreases pain, decreases bruising and will actually help with the entire labor process. If you can get you hands on a bigger dose, do it. A 10M would be appropriate for childbirth but is only available online or from a qualified naturopath. If you don't have time for this, get a 30C from any health food store and begin taking this IMMEDIATELY when contractions begin. Take it every 3-4 hours throughout labor, until the baby comes. After you can take this each our for pain until symptoms lessen. Arnica can be taken for a week after labor to speed up the healing process. There are MANY homeopathic remedies for labor- see a qualified homeopath, doula or midwife for more on this!

Herbs for a Sit's Bath: Buy Loose Organic Herbs from a health food store. Look for herbs that appear fresh, aromatic. This is an indicator of the medicine they contain. Herbs that might be helpful after birth to help expedite healing if there is tearing, bruising, soreness and for antiseptic purposes are: 

  • Yarrow Leaf and Flower: Antiseptic
  • Marshmallow Root: Soothing, Demulcent, Healing.
  • Plantain Leaf: Healing, Antiseptic. 
  • Lavender Leaf and Flower: Antiseptic, Relaxing. 
  • Chamomile Flower: Antiseptic, Soothing, Relaxing, Healing.
  • Small amount of sea salt for healing 

Essential Oil of Lavender by Young Living Oil would be SOOOOO helpful in the bath and applied to Mom topically after the birth. Apply to the feet, back of neck, lower back- or anywhere Mom likes it! It's the universal oil... when in doubt- Do lavender! It's healing, relaxing, and great for mother and baby. 

Lastly if the birth was difficult, traumatic or if there was trauma to the baby in anyway- Mother & Baby can be taking Bach Flower Remedies internally from the beginning. 

Here's a few that might be helpful:  

  • Star of Bethlehem: Trauma, shock, pain, grief. 
  • Elm: Feelings of being overwhelmed.
  • Gorse: Feelings of hopelessness.
  • Walnut: Transition into a new life. 

I'm SURE that there are so many more that would be helpful. Bach Flower remedies are wonderful as they are side effect free, effective, safe for mother and baby and purely treat emotion. See my Emotional Wellness Remedy blog post to learn more about what you can do to support emotional wellness after having a wee-one:)

My last thought on healing after having a baby is bone broth. Bone broth helps speed recovery as it contains HUGE amounts of fats, nutrients and is easy to digest. Perhaps whipping up a batch with a farm raised chicken would be one of the best presents you could give to a friend who just had a baby? It's a simple thing, that can have her brain and body working it's best to take care of her new little one. Here's help with making bone broth. 

Got something to add to this? Please chime in! I'm sure I'll learn so many more things to suggest, this is just the beginning!

Thanks for listening!