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Herbs & Natural Dietary Suggestions for Kidney Stones

Kidney stones can be a real pain in the, well- Kidneys!  Renal calculi (a.k.a. kidney stones) are typically lodged in one of the ureters (tube connecting kidney to bladder).  This can block the flow of urine and be very painful.  For some people they experience no pain but the stones can become quite large and must be dealt with as if they continue to grow, they could cause a blockage and become painful down the road.  If the blockage becomes really bad the urine backs up in the kidneys and can cause serious kidney damage. 

Stones are a sign that the body is not in mineral balance.  Since the stones are made mostly of Calcium, this tells a bit about what is happening in the body. Since the calcium is collecting in one place and not being kept in suspension in the bodily fluids (or being deposited in the bones), this indicates that there isn't enough sodium in the diet.  Sodium in vegetables such as carrots, beets, celery is the ONLY sodium that the body can use.  Table salt is not a usable form for the body and must be avoided.  For those with Kidney stones, juicing is an excellent option as it will provide ample sodium to get Calcium back in solution and not accumulating in places like ureter tubes- ouch!

What herbs can you use for dissolving these kidney stones? The first herb that comes to mind has been used for centuries for this very purpose, and one of it's name tells you a bit about it's use: Gravel Root (a.k.a. Queen of the Meadow) is used as a natural diuretic and is specifically used in the elimination of kidney stones.  

A tincture herb is one of the most convenient ways to ingest medicinal plants. Tinctures are liquid alcohol herbal extracts, and can be found at most natural health food stores and online. The tincture form of Gravel Root is a little harder to come by than most, but it's so prevalent in the Midwest, it's really easy to find, harvest and preserve.  I'm always available for information on how to find herbs in your area and preserve them so reach out! I also have a small supply on hand right now so if your interested in purchasing some email me at The cost is $15 per ounce while my supply lasts.

20 drops of Gravel Root taken in tincture form each morning and each night will help to expedite the process of disolving the stones.  This herb works very well in conjunction with Parsley Tincture and Hydrangea Tincture also.  You can take all three together to further expedite the dissoliving process.  10 drops of each ticture is adequate if all three are used. Please feel free to reach out by email with questions on dosage.  

Coffee, meat, dairy and alcohol should also be avoided or ingested sparingly when your trying to natually disolve a kidney stone.  This is going to contribute to an inbalance of minerals in bodily fluids as the body works extra hard to contend with these acid forming substances.  Drinking lemon water everyday will also be very helpful as it's mineral rich, alkalizing and cleansing to the kidneys. 

If your not a fan of tinctures, you can try drinking the aforementioned herbs as herbal teas.  Gravel Root, Parsley Root, and Hydrangea Root are all available by the ounce and pound at Mountain Rose   I would suggest at least a quart of tea each day with the combined ingredients.  Prepare as you would tea; approximately 1/4 herb per 48 ounces purified water.  Steep for at least 1 hour up to 4 hours. Drink hot or cold as you prefer. 

For more information on Gravel Roots history and uses check out my Evernote Materia Medica Herb Journal. 

Thanks and always feel free to reach out to me by email at