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Homeopathic Remedies for Croup~ Safe For All Ages!

There are 3 Homeopathic Remedies for Croup that come to mind: They are all available at a health food store near you! You'll find them available usually by the brand Boiron, in blue tubes.  See the photo to the left for reference.  They are sublingual, meaning that they dissolve under the tongue making them perfect for babies and children, they are side effect free, and do not contraindicate with other medicines.   
1.)Aconite 30C:  Used for the onset of Croup; the cough is dry, loud and barking, and the child is very restless and anxious; the child often wakes very late in the night with the cough. Tell-tale sign that your child needs Aconite is one of the child's cheeks is RED and the other is PALE.  The child's temperament is fearful. 
2.)Spongia 30C: Loud, dry cough and hoarse rasping respiration; breathing may sound like a saw being driven through a log; the cough is worse when talking, lying down, with excitement, and when drinking cold drinks. 
3.)Hepar sulph 30C: Coughing continues and breathing is still not smooth and easy; cough is loose and rattling and deeper than the Aconite remedy cough. The child is irritable and sensitive to touch and cold. They often want their heads to be wrapped up in blankets and pillows too. 
Choose the remedy that seems the closest description to you or your child's cough, temperament and symptoms.  If the the child has just begun to show signs of Croup, start with Aconite until symptoms change then use Spongia.  Once taking Spongia, wait until symptoms change and follow up with Hepar sulph. 

These remedies are about $7 a piece at the health food store~ probably cheaper than a co-pay to the doctors office. Likely a trip to the doctors office will end in a prescription for Dexamethasone; this drug has side effects such as sleep disturbances, indigestion, mood changes and nervousness (that's all a young child needs!) 

Excellent herbals for Croup are Elderberry, Lobelia, and Mullein tincture.  All can be given to young children under 2 years of age but Mom & Dad must quarter the dose for baby.  Between 5 and 10 drops of any of those tinctures is adequate every 4 hours.  These are all available at or at a health food store and are about $10-$12 each. 

Eucalyptus Oil in a diffuser (at night in the room) and applied topically (diluted) to the chest is also a great starting point. 

Other suggestions are making sure the the room of the "Croupie" has nicely humidified air.  If I think of anything else I'll be suer to post it.  I welcome your thoughts and experiences on the natural treatment of Croup!  Thanks!