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I AM HEALTHY SHOT; Real Immune Support?

There's an assortment of these drinks; I'll have to check out the others for you when I'm in there next.I saw a drinkable shot at Better Health today called "I am Healthy"; I was intrigued so I picked it up to read the label.

It contains 100% of the daily allowance of the run-of-the-mill vitamins like zinc, Vitamin C and B Vitamins, and a proprietary blend of Beta Glucan, Goji juice & Hibiscus flower extract and some yerba mate´...does this stuff have what it takes to keep you from getting sick?

Don't get me wrong, goji is a wonderful antioxidant but you wouldn't catch me downing it if I felt like I was getting sick.  Taking it everyday for antioxidant protection is more like it. This helps support slowing the aging process, protects the heart and in general keeps the body from falling apart over time. Hibiscus (while a lovely herbal) used to support healthy blood pressure levels and a very tasty tea is still not what I would consider to be a strong immune support. 

Beta glucan helps to modulate the immune system by preparing white blood cells for battle against pathogens but this is really the only part of the entire drink that I felt was legit. There wasn't alot of it either; you'd be better off just buying a bottle of Beta glucan in capsules and taking that if you start to feel under the weather.  

Here's how that breaks down: At $4 a pop, the shot is expensive as you could spend as much as $30 a week trying to avoid the latest raging cold or flu.  The beta glucan capsule from Source Natural (I linked to above) is about $18 for a 2 week supply, with a much better dose at 500mg of Beta glucan (2 capsules).  This compared to the 375mg dose from the I Am Healthy shot.  The shot also contains Yerba Mate which is one of the best caffeine buzzes I've ever experienced; it might make you feel pretty zippy, but it's not top at my list of immune support. I couldn't elaborate on the additional ingredients that were used to preserve this product as they were not listed on the website.

The minerals are not in my opinion a immune supportive dose either. 100% of the RDA of any vitamin isn't enough; RDA stands for Recommended Daily Allowance (so you don't keel over). These values were established during World War II; determined for soldier rations so that the army would remain standing over the course of the war. These values are far below what is needed to thrive.

If you want great immune support I would recommend juicing, eating a diet rich in vegetables, unprocessed grains, keep meat & dairy to 20% or less of total food intake & drink half your body weight (in ounces) of water each day.  I would also recommend a nice bottle of Herb Pharm liquid Echinacea, taking 20 drops daily in what's called a "pulse fashion"; that's taken everyday, 1 week ON, 1 week OFF.  This bottle is about $10 and will last for weeks if not longer.

Or grab yourself a bottle of Wellness Formula in capsules or tablets by Source Naturals. I relied on this stuff for years!  Again taking it in a pulse fashion.  OR you can take it at the first sign of imbalance about 6 capsules 2X's daily; check the label for instructions.  Check out the label on this baby~ they throw everything but the kitchen sink at the cold or flu your trying to avoid.  

Another tip on avoiding cold and flu is to be aware of your body! When you start feeling "off", wake up with a soar throat or feel congestion forming,  get going with the aforementioned herbals, drinking plenty of water and begin pounding Vitamin C.  3000mg daily at the first sign of feeling under the weather. 1000mg per day for maintenance. 

Know that products like I Am Healthy that promise wellness, immunity or "healthiness" may not be all that they are cracked up to be. Even the packaging of this product is a little too "Big Pharma" for me with the classic Rx mortar and pestle on the label, that was my first red flag. 

Bottom Line: If I was on a desert island and thought I was getting a cold, (that would be weird) I might shoot one of these, but to me there are much better values for you out there, with better doses, ingredients, and at better pricing.  Reach out to me any time with questions about immune support products you encounter or other vitamins, herbs or minerals.

Be Well!!!