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Internal Body Cleansing Part II: The Scoop on Dairy & When NOT to Cleanse.

Let me give you just a little background on dairy so you can fully understand why this is a no-no for cleansing purposes.

Dairy: First and foremost Dairy is acid forming food in the body. There is much to learn on the topic of pH balance but to keep it simple all the bodies organs (accept the stomach) work BEST in a slightly alkaline environment. Also Dairy, yummy as it may be, is mucous forming in the body. So that cold you can't kick or the phlegm in your throat you just cant seem to shake can sometimes be dairy related.

But then you say, "What about my Calcium?"

What's interesting about that (and what the milk industry doesn't want you to know) is that when milk is pasteurized, precious HEALTHY bacteria and enzymes needed for calciums absorption are completely destroyed. Milk IS a good source of Calcium; Unfortunately the milk we have access to commercially (whether it's organic or conventional) contains calcium that is NOT accessible by our body because it lacks the enzymes necessary for us to process it.

If you have ever had raw milk or have considered raw milk: this is acompletely different ballgame! Raw milk as our grand parents and great grand parents grew up with is truly healthful. As long as the human race has had domesticated animals we have consumed raw milk.

It's especially great for young children. Grass fed, organically raised cows milk processed in a clean facility is very healthful loaded with vitamins minerals and healthy fats from the grass the cows consume. Not to mention there are no growth hormones used nor antibiotics allowed or needed in this method of milk production.
Since it's not pasteurized or homogenized it has all you need to process Calcium AND IT'S DELICIOUS, PURE & NATURAL. More info on that available if you need it:)

So the bottom line with Dairy is that it can hinder the cells ability
to eliminate effectively.

Several types of situations where I do NOT recommend a fast:

In the winter time.

It's too darn cold! Yes that's part of it, but mainly this is not the
bodies time cyclicly to cleanse. Wait till spring and you will have a
much more effective cleanse. Until then- lots of fruits and veggies!

If you a very physically or mentally weak.

Coming off a serious illness like influenza, cancer, death in the
family or major surgery. You need to build the body first; then
cleanse. Build the body with the most diverse amounts of fruits and
veggies you can. Limit meat, dairy and caffeine. No alcohol. This is
an excellent start! We will build you up first, then cleanse.

Now you should have an idea of the types for foods we want you to eat
and what we need to eliminate for our cleanse. You should have taken
the whole week (or even 2 weeks) to get rid of what we discussed, day
by day eliminating another food category.

It's always best to choose a good time in the spring to cleanse. After
Christmas for sure! If you have birthdays, anniversaries, vacations
or special events when you just know your going to be eating bad- work
around those.

The length of you cleanse is completely up to YOU! Once you have
worked up to all fruits and vegetables diet you should ideally eat
this way for at least 2 weeks. If one week is all you can handle
that's fine for now. Next time you'll be able to go longer! Any
amount of rest from these foods will do you digestion, blood, organs,
energy levels, and brain GOOD!

If you could eat this way for an entire month you'll really feel the
difference. But if 2 weeks is about all you can schedule- it's totally

You can always wait a month and repeat the cleanse again.

Stay tuned for part III; Coming up tomorrow night!