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It's Allergy Season...Here's A Few Ways To Avoid The Crud!


It's that time of year!

What's making us sneeze and itch? We'll get to that in a moment!

Let's get the important info out on the table - WHAT CAN BE DONE TO ALLEVIATE SEASONAL ALLERGIES...???

Here's a checklist of what to buy to stop the madness!

  • neti pot with celtic sea salt (google it! - use it up to 5 times daily.) At first it doesn't feel so good - but about 30 minutes after using one - I feel great!
  • digestive enzymes 2X per day on an empty stomach (Enzymedical Brand "Digest" products are the best I've used)
  • stinging nettle tea (5 cups per day of a strong brew) I like Traditional Medicinal Brand
  • bromelain digestive enzyme with quercetin (solaray brand makes one)
  • avoid dairy and wheat
  • fresh organic fruits on an empty stomach 2-3 times daily
  • Natural Immonogenics Brand Sovereign Silver colloidal silver nose spray & taken internally 2-3 times per day (one week on, one week off)
  • Vitamins C - the most natural you can muster - either in dandelion greens or in a powered such as truly natural vitamin C by Healthforce Brand.  Get in as much as you can! 

It's all about LOWERING the inflammatory response with controlling allergies. Control the inflammation - control the itching, sneezing and suffering. All of the above substances and suggestions do just that. 

Will you have to do this stuff every day all through the allergy season - for most people NO! Get the inflammation under control with a few of these substances to begin with. Choose a few that really resonate with you. Perhaps you just do digestive enzymes and colloidal silver everyday for a week - see how you feel?! Then use it every few days to keep it in check. 

Allergies are a sign that your intestinal tract is NOT happy with you. Read the rest of the post to learn how you can begin addressing this underlying problem that has implications for your longterm health and wellbeing. 


SOOOOOOO - back to whats ailing you....It's not the Golden Rod that's buggin', (see photo to the left), it has almost NO pollen! Your likely allergic to Ragweed which blooms at the same time and has a lot of pollen. Golden Rod is not the enemy (I used to think I was allergic to it myself).  Interestingly enough, you might be able to use a tincture of this herbal extract to combat allergies. 

Golden Rod has properties that make it useful in cases of upper respiratory congestion or as they say in the herbal books, catarrh (pronounced ka-tar). It can be used in the same way for colds and flu's with those associated symptoms. It's astringency has been used for urinary tract infections, cystitis, urethritis & other inflammations of the renal system.

Maybe golden rod isn't so bad after all! Find out more from Susan Weed on the subject of Golden Rod. She's one of my favorite Modern Hippie Herbal ladies:) I say it with much love:)

Greater Ragweed in it's beginning stages. Look for this uniquely shaped leaf to identify. There is also a "lesser ragweed" that has similar ability to make you sneeze!


How Can You Lessen Seasonal Allergies?

First of all, it's likely the lining of your intestinal tract that is under functioning or even in duress due to too little water, poor diet, alcohol or coffee. When the lining of the gut has been abused or is producing problems, sometimes contents of the digestive tract can leak out into the blood. It's commonly referred to as leaky gut syndrome. This is what is contributing to the irrational allergic response by the body. See my blog post "Heal the Lining of your Gut, Cure Your Allergies" for more information. 

Additionally I'd recommend avoiding dairy, wheat and begin consuming herbal teas. Stinging Nettle for example can be used to combat the inflammatory response your body may have to those pesky floating proteins. If you are brave, try using a netti pot. I love doing it, it's effective to cleanse the sinuses of pollen particles and dust that will cause you to get symptomatic. I wrote a blog post on this also called, "Got Allergies, This Neti Pot is Your New Best Friend." I'll tell you what you need to get you started!

Ingesting a good amount of daily non-acidic Vitamin C would be an excellent idea. Fruit like oranges and vegetables like ALL Greens! Many herbs contain a large amount of Vitamin C. Stinging Nettle and Purslane are but 2 herbs that are great examples, they are tasty and plentiful! If you want to take a buffered Vitamin C in Capsules here's a brand I like. Take 2000-3000 mg per day for the first week then cut this in half until the allergies are dunzo! 

Drinking 3 cups of Stinging Nettle Tea (iced or hot is delicious!), not only has high amounts of vitamin C but it's a wonderful anti-inflammatory herbal. Remember, the body's inflammatory response mechanism is what is causing your misery. Lowering inflammation is very helpful.

Adhere to your herbal allergy regiment religiously for 7 days. After this you can slack off a bit on taking the herbs, tea and as I mention below, a digestive enzyme.

Taking a digestive enzyme is helpful for supporting a healthy response to inflammation. Many times I can just take alot of enzymes and I won't experience hay fever at all!  I like Megazyme but there are alot of different brands. Look for one that has the digestive enzyme Bromelain in it.

How much do you take? I'll take 3-4 of these 2 times a day on an empty stomach at the beginning. Once I do this for a few days the allergies subside and I can take less. Everyone is different so you'll have to play around with what works for you. Today was the first day that I felt sneezy and tonight sitting here typing this my eyes are a little bit itchy. I'm on my way into the kitchen to make a little Stinging Nettle Tea. 

Try to avoid allergy medications completely. They are very harsh and often can cause side effects such as hives, dry mouth, medicine-head and not to mention it's one more thing for the ol' liver to contend with. More whole foods, less drugs is the way to go for allergy relief. It's the only way of trying to reverse the root problem, when drugs only mask the symptoms, essentially putting a band-aid on a broken leg. Let me know how you contend with seasonal allergies at I hope this blog posts helps you get through the season a little easier!

If your having asthmatic episodes due to allergies, consider taking a break from wheat. I've experienced (and had clients experience) asthma, wheezing, shortness of breath and sleep apnea all but disappear with the removal of most wheat from the diet;)  

Lesser Ragweed - What we're all sneezing over:) Pretty boring looking plant that causes a quite a bit of misery.:) 

Lesser Ragweed - What we're all sneezing over:) Pretty boring looking plant that causes a quite a bit of misery.:)