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Mineral Assessment Questionnaire (MAQ Part 1)

Have you ever wondered if you lacking in Essential Minerals?  

We all know that a Calcium deficiency can lead to low bone density.  Did you know that a lack of Magnesium can lead to hyperactivity? Low Sulphur in the diet can lead to stormy emotions, irritability and worry. Manganese deficiencies can cause mental confusion, or even anger and depression.  

Furthermore it's important to have the right kind of minerals in the body.  You may get tested and see that the Calcium is prevalent in your blood, but if it's not calcium from natural food sources like greens, raw dairy and broccoli and other vegetables, it's not going to be utilized by the body and deposited in the bones where it belongs.  

In-organic minerals from fortified foods like Almond Milk, OJ, and other beverages and foods are fortified with minerals but they are not bio available as with natural food sources. The term in-organic means that they are not food source minerals.  It's like organic sodium (in celery) VS. in-organic sodium (table salt).  This shows us that all minerals are not created equally!

There are specific characteristics associated with mineral deficiencies and I can help you find what you may be lacking.  My Mineral Deficiency Assessment is a 4 part form.  Each segment takes under 10 minutes.  You can go at your own pace completing one at a time.  I will always try to have something to you within one week of completion of all 4 forms.  

Cost for your Mineral Assessment Service is $55.  It is not necessary that we meet for this one but I like to for better analysis. Complete part one and reach out to me at to schedule a session.  Once all 4 parts are complete I'll create the report and we can schedule time to go over the results.  I can bill you at Paypal for simple, secure payment:)


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