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Naturally Green Beer With Liquid Chlorophyll


Want green beer the natural way?

Pick up a bottle of liquid chlorophyll at a natural health food store near you. There are many brands to choose from, but the Herbs Etc. ChlorOxygen chlorophyll is widely available and reasonable priced at about $12 a bottle.

Chlorophyll is a natural blood building, detoxifying and energizing substance! It oxygenates the blood so well in fact, that it's commonly used to treat altitude sickness!

Pick up one of these and add 5 to 10 drops to your favorite beverage, water, smoothie, freshly juiced juice or YES, Beer.

ChlorOxygen is pocket size too! That way you can take it along to the bar on St. Patty's Day and put it in your beer there. Skillfully avoiding the god-knows-what they put in the green beer on tap. 

The best beer to use is a light beer. Lighter beers will look more green. Darker craft style beers will appear more green-brown. When you purchase chlorophyll, make sure to avoid the assortments with mint flavoring; unless you want your beer to be minty fresh!

Chlorophyll used daily in water or juice contributes to healthier digestion, circulation, healthy blood cells and better energy levels. This chlorophyll is made with Nettle which some of you know is one of my favorite medicinal herbs. It's extremely mineral rich and nutritious!

Pick some up and let me know what you think!