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A Natural Approach To Tooth Decay

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Here's what you need to help destroy tooth decay, reverse cavities & recaim your dental health.

  • Silica is needed for bone, teeth, nail and skin heath. Herbs that are rich in silica include Horsetail, Oat Straw and Cornsilk. These can be taken in a tea, capsule or tincture. 
For tea, drink 3 cups per day. With the tinctures consume 60-90 drops per day. For capsules, you would likely need to consume 6-18 per day. Personally I would prefer a combination of tea and tincture as I'm not a fan of taking so many capsules. Look at "traditional medicinal" brand teas and Herb Pharm tinctures. A few brands of herbs that I trust is "Gaia Herbs" or "Paradise Herbs." 
  • Liquid Dulse: It's SO nutrient dense, great source of iodine- which improves thyroid function- WHICH in turn supports the delicate calcium balance of the body. Dulse is rich in protein, fiber, potassium, iron, iodine, magnesium and manganese- Get the little bottle by Bernard Jensen. It's inexpensive and readily available. 
  • 2-3 tsp of black walnut liquid herbal tincture. Again, rich in iodine and other minerals that will enhance dental health. Take this daily. 
  • The homeopathic mineral Calc Fluor 6X(begin taking it 5 tablets under the tongue 3X daily)
  • AND the homeopathic mineral Calc Phos 6X(begin taking it 5 tablets under the tongue 3X daily)
  • Brush 2X Daily with Fluoride Free Tooth Paste.
  • Floss at least 2X per week with non-fluoridated floss (my former dental hygeinist sister would say floss daily but I'm more realistic)- When the gums bleed, you know your not flossing enough. This is the way I know if I'm flossing enough or not.
  • Fermented Cod Liver Oil: This is a great way to heal cavities naturally. I know of at least 1 person that has successfully reversed a cavity this way. Have a naturopath muscle response test you for the proper amount to take to benefit the teeth. They also make this same brand NOT in capsules- which you have to taste, BUT this is cheaper. Fermented Cod Liver Oil (FCLO) is not cheap so this is somthing to consider. 

I hope this helps! Please reach out to me with questions at Thanks!