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No Matter How Clean You Are, You Can Still Get Lice. Here's How You Get Rid of it Naturally.

A ridiculously common yet still often terribly embarrassing problem is lice in your kids hair- OR in your hair. Here's what to get & what to do. 
Here's your Natural Lice Eliminator Check List:
FIRST; Take a DEEP BREATH! Lice is common, easy to get & nothing to stress over.  You can get this under control & taken care of with the right tools.  Here's the tools you need.
  • Neem Oil (Better Health or other health foods store, about $12)
  • Lice Comb, a.k.a. Nit Comb (Walgreens in the pharmacy section)
  • Solicit help from a friend to comb through your hair with the Nit Comb to capture both the eggs and the lice themselves. 
  • Bag up your Bedding and either take it to the laundromat so it can be done quickly or begin doing the loads at home.  Make sure to wash it in HOT water, dry it on HI-HEAT).
  • Vacuum the mattress of the beds in the home just in case.
  • Add Neem Oil (3 droppers full, about 75 drops) to your shampoo bottles. 
  • Do a Tea Trea Oil/Coconut Oil treatment on the head 2 times the first week and 1 time a week after.  May be repeated as often as necessary.  10 drops of oil in a handful of liquefied coconut oil massaged into the scalp.  Pull through the ends of the hair and allow to soak for at least one hour. 
  • Soak all combs brushes and hair ties or scrunchies in a sink full of super hot water and 2 droppers full (about 50 drops) of neem oil. Allow to soak for at least 1 to 3 hours.  You can also pop those in the dryer when they are done soaking for about 20 minutes on high heat.  Don't let them go too long or you'll destroy your brushes and combs. 

Neem oil has about a 180 different chemical compounds that have been used for everything from eczema to lice. It is a plant that is a literal medicine chest of uses.  Here's a link to Theraneem's website where there is a wealth of information on it's uses, origins, FAQ's and more.  Check it out! 

You don't need toxic chemicals to get rid of head lice, you just need a few natural remedies that can be purchased at any health food store for very inexpensively and to use them diligently until they are gone.  Let me know of your experiences with natural Lice removal~ I love to hear new tips! :)