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Ok Raw Milkers, Here's info on a Cow Share in Parma(west of Jackson)

This is an email from a farm that I'm going to be checking out down west of Jackson Michigan.  I still have yet to go to this farm and I know there is ALOT to still learn about their process.  I just wanted to share the info so you can reach out to them if your interested.  If you want to learn about the benefits of Raw Cows milk verses pasteurized milk; click here.
"Dear Desiree,
Thanks for your interest in our Cow Share program. To answer your questions:
I am also not certified organic, or fully practicing.  I am meeting with the Beals tomorrow for advice on many things organic.  We have not had the farm a year yet, and it took me some time to get my husband on board with my ideas.  He is seeing the interest is there, so he is willing to make the change.  We have some things, like fencing for our pasture done, we did not plant GMO corn, and we are looking into beneficial bugs instead of pesticides.
I would be very happy to give a tour.  To tell you the truth, I am enjoying learning from the customers of Our Farm and Dairy." 
Cindy Milligan
She is a real sweetheart of a lady and she is interested in learning about organic methods, natural ways of treating her animals and they seem extremely accommodating.  They are also listed at 
Check em' out!