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One Reason Why Your Bodily pH Matters

Click to EnlargeThe body is constantly striving to keep your tissues at certain pH levels.  For example the blood MUST stay between 6.45 and 7.45.  If it varies outside of that we begin to die.  SO, what this means is that the body MUST keep the tissues within range so that everything keeps working properly. When we eat acidifying foods the body must neutralize or buffer the acids not only to keep the body in homeostasis but so that we can evacuate fluids without damaging the lining of the ureter tubes.

What does the body use to buffer acids? Minerals like Sodium (from foods like vegetables), Calcium (from food and from the Bones).  I firmly believe that the high protein craze of the last 30 years has seriously contributed to the rise in osteoporosis in this country; we have all these osteoporosis meds, but we still have osteoporosis- Excessive protein intake is hard for the body to process, leaches minerals and contributes to the acidifying of the body. Acid bodies create inflammation, which in turn leads to disease.

Some people (especially blood type O's) need to have regular grass fed red meat. Otherwise they will often feel depressed, lethargic or begin the process of imbalance and then disease.  Meats like this should be eaten with vegetables to allow complete digestion and assimilation. So Steak, Salad, and Steam Veggies is a perfect example. Check out the book "Fit for Life" by Marilyn and Harvey Diamond for more info on food combining. 

Keeping the bodily pH in that "sweet spot" of 6.4 is the best thing you can do for your bones! How do we achieve that? A diet rich in fruits, vegetables, positive thinking, sunshine, limiting meat, and dairy and negative thoughts. Doing this will ensure that the pH remains balanced and that minerals don't get leached out of the bones.