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Pink Eye Goes Bye-Bye with this lovely Herb: Eyebright Tincture

The Question: What is a good Medicinal Herb for Pink Eye?
The Answer: Certainly; But first of all, what are the symptoms of pinkeye? Symptoms include:
  • red, swollen eyes & eyelids
  • watering eyes
  • soreness or itchiness
  • excess mucus and crusty eyelashes when you wake up
  • hazy vision due to mucus
  • the feeling that something is stuck in your eye
Any problem of the eye will be greatly improved with the Medicinal Herb called Eyebright. Go to Better Health or Foods for Living, Whole Foods Market or any other Mom and Pop Food Store and purchase it in a liquid tincture form.  Eyebright is an herb that has been used for hundreds of years for all problems of the eye and especially pink eye.  I personally had pink eye 2 years ago and this remedied the problem within 2 days. 
Take it internally and do an eyewash with it.  Taken internally for children (approximately 10 drops every 3 hours). For adults with Pinkeye, 30 drops every 3-4 hours.  10 drops in a shot glass (1 oz), use a dropper to drip it into the eye, flushing it through the eye for as long as they will let you, make sure that it is very diluted (no more than 10 drops per 1 ounce).  This is very effective and you should see improvement within a day or so.  But be diligent continue to use it for 3 or 4 days after the symptoms are gone, to make sure it stays gone. 

Eyebright is effective, side effect free and cheaper than your co-pay at the doctors office!  Not to mention that you'll have enough in the bottle for the next time your little one comes home with pink eye.  

Eyebright is specifically recommended for congestion in the sinuses as it goes to work on the mucous membranes clearing what's called nasal catarrh (old school term for mucus).  Any condition involving the mucous membranes will be improved with Eyebright as it is astringent, anti-inflammatory and anti-catarrhal. 

If you don't care for tinctures the whole herb can be purchased at Mountain Rose Herbs website.  Here's the link for that.  The whole herb can be made as a tea and sipped throughout the day for pinkeye.  It can also be used to make a compress for the eyes and this is very effective and soothing to individuals with conjunctivitis (aka pinkeye).

Want to pick this up online?  Here's a link for an excellent brand of herbs in general, Herb Pharm.  They make a wonderful Eyebright tincture.  

Reach out to me with natural health questions anytime!