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Pink Slime Burger Anyone?

This grosses me out and hopefully it does you too. "70% of ground beef available at commercial grocery stores contains something called Pink Slime".

Beef trimmings at one time only used in dog food, is sprayed with ammonia to make it safe to eat. A great reason to practice "mindful meat eating".

Eating meat from pastured grass fed sources only (let me know if you have questions, I have tips for you!), seeking out locally grown chickens, red meat & eggs is one way to ensure that your food is safe AND- your meat will be much more nutritionally dense!

Animals that graze as they are intended to, get to eat grass, bugs, worms, and have fresh air and sunshine, making them naturally healthier. Local farms often avoid the use of antibiotics, hormones and some avoid feeding corn. Corn used in animal feed commercially is often Genetically Modified which has been found to cause digestive problems, infertility and more.