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Put The Deet Down, It's Just A Flu!


West Nile is a Virus.

To protect yourself take antiviral herbs and substances like colloidal silver. DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE! The CDC claims the flu kills 36,000 a year but they don't declare it a state of emergency. 

100,000 people have West Nile RIGHT NOW (according to NPR) and don't even know it as the symptoms are so mild. It's a flu friends! Take antivirals to combat viruses. Keep the immune system strong by consuming antivirals, fruits, veggies and lots of pure water. 

Please don't misunderstand my intention- people loosing their loved ones to the complications from the flu is terrible. I want people to know they have options and that they don't need to be afraid. Taking steps to build the immune system is vitally important. 

Furthermore- people don't die from the flu- What people die from is secondary lung infections such as from pneumococcus. Most people are natural carriers of those germs. It only becomes dangerous when immunity is down. Keep your immune system strong to keep you and your family truly safe. 

Spraying more poisons such as DEET topically and aerial sprays of pesticides on towns and cities to destroy the mosquitoes will only contribute to cancers and respiratory problems- This is adding insult to injury! Not to mention the destruction of water, land, animals & insects.

We can't win fighting nature- she always finds a way to win. Only through protecting ourselves by keeping our immune systems strong can we truly be healthy.

Here's a few things you can do to protect yourself! 

There are LOTS of ways to keep your immune system healthy- this is but a few. Select a few of these suggestions that work for you and your family. Email me at with questions or comments! 

Be well!