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Tinctured Sunflower Seed- Whole Food Vitamin E And Much More!


Looking for a whole food Vitamin E source?

It's difficult to get enough nutrients from our food! And antioxidants are some of the most important to get as they protect us from disease, disorder and premature aging. 

Vitamin E supports healthy circulation & helps prevent cancer. It's an amazing antioxidant reported to defend the body from over 80 known diseases!

I just found this Good Herbs Brand tinctured sunflower seed containing one of the best known food source of Vitamin E. 

Just click the link and scroll alphabetically to "SUNFLOWER SEED."

I've come to really trust Good Herbs. They are located right here in Michigan too. They make wonderful liquid (and some capsule) herbals with care, experience and they create well thought-out formulas.

Using liquids is my preferred way of taking herbals. Its easy to digest, fast acting and inexpensive. Learn more about why liquid herbals rock here!

There are more benefits to this Sunflower Seed tincture as well! 

This tincture is high in selenium (great for thyroid support), zinc (immune support), magnesium(stress support) AND B6- Which are required for proper amino acid utilization resulting in better functioning of the nervous system, brain & more balanced mood! 

I gotta get me some! Interested in making tinctures at home? Tincture making is easy, fun, inexpensive and effective for staying healthier naturally!