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Plastic Free July: Can It Be Done?


Want to join me in this? A Plastic Free July will be no small undertaking!

The video at this link is funny - it really resonated with me because I decided back in March that in 2013, I would no longer use any paper cups from the coffee shop. I use to save them & then recycle them - You wouldn't believe how they stacked up! It was a a recycling PIA. (pain in arse)

(I've only forgotten one time since March, accidentally taking a cup... Doh!)

No one is perfect - But when I think of the stacks and stack of cups that I didn't use - I feel proud of the change in waste consciousness; and I'm motivated to take it further.

In July I've committed to not using or taking from the restaurant any plastic containers (no small goal!), no styrofoam (which never breaks down & is not commonly recycled), no plastic bottles and no plastic bags - for the month of July.


How will I do this?

  • reusable grocery bags (something i have already been doing for a while)
  • using a reusable glass container - if you don't want to buy one, use a mason jar. 
  • using plastic bags or reused ziplocks that I already have in my possession for bulk grains, flour & sugar at the grocery store. 
  • Taking reusable containers to restaurants for "doggy bags" - I have a girlfriend that always does this and its impressive to me - she is so diligent about it! Also, why take home leftovers if you won't eat them? If I'm realistic with myself, most of the time the take-home food, goes into the trash. 
  • Purchase condiments in glass- this is a tuffy!  It makes me wonder, can you actually buy ketchup in glass? I'll have to look into it. Luckily I think we're stocked up.
  • When at a deli or sandwich shop, sometimes they can just wrap something in wax paper for you and put it in a bag like in the old days. Opt for this instead of plastic or styrofoam containers.

 It doesn't hurt to try - even if I don't do it perfectly, I have still reduced consumption of plastics; a substance that is FAR to common in our oceans, rivers, & now is even found in our blood stream. Recent info has come out in Canada indicating that children are most impacted by plastics, having higher concentrations in youngsters and teens than in those of us born in the 1950s through the 1980's

Harmful BPA isn't the only danger. It is already being replaced by other toxic endocrine/nervous system disruptors. Eliminate it wherever you can for you, the kiddos - and yes, even for the turtles.

Go Glass! Go Reusable!