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The Real Milk Deal

I got a Dear John letter from my Organic Raw Milk farmer today.  bummer.  The Organic Raw milk farm that I've been making the trip to nearly every week for a year is halting milk production, they are taking a sabbatical.  I sincerely wish them well and hope they return well rested and in the near future. sigh....

In honor of my dearly departed raw butter (for the moment) I thought I'd write a note on the benefits of Raw Milk. There are SO many benefits but to narrow it down to a BIGGY; Calcium.  Calcium is a mineral (essentially rock) that helps make bones and teeth strong.  We've been taught since we were 'yay tall' that milk does a body good.  We've been inundated by the "Got Milk" ad campaign featuring countless celebrities for the better part of the last 20 years.   

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