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Amino Acids- The Building Blocks Of Personality!


Amino Acids are more than just the building blocks of protein- they make up who we are- OR who we can become!

Ever have consistant anxiety? Racing thoughts? Perhaps your the type of person that just can't relax?

Perhaps your short on something called GABA. GABA is an neurotransmitter that literally inhibits these "stress signals" from firing in the brain so rapidly! It calms, cools and sooths- putting you more in control of thoughts and feelings. 

Amino Acid dominance or deficiency can explain why feel the way we do, why we lack feeling and can improve health by making sure we have all the components necessary for balance biochemistry.

Understanding our brain chemistry can help take us closer to understanding ourselves; bringing us closer to self love & acceptance.

I took a course on Amino Acids over the weekend and I'm blown away at how they control many aspects of our personalities, tendencies & much of the human condition. Feelings such as fear, love, romance, intensity, lethargy, our quick wittedness or lack there of -ALL are controlled by dominating or lacking amino acids! 

It's an amazing subject which I'll be learning more about in the next 2 months as I do my research, prepare for the class I'll teach on the subject and work with clients to help find their deficiencies and dominance.

Are you interested in finding out what Amino Acids you're dominant & deficient in?

Take this fun little questionnaire- It takes just 20 minutes and you'll find out what your dominating and deficient amino acids are. This way you can shift focus in diet and lifestyle to bring more balance! Knowing what amino acids your short on based on your symptoms will indicating what foods and supplementation would be helpful for a more balanced outlook, tendencies and life in general!~

Check it out and email me at with questions regarding the results!