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Heal Broken Bones Faster!

Know someone nursing a broken bone?

They may be on the mend but there are certain nutrients that will help the bones heal even faster. 

Vitamin C and LOT'S of it: 10,000mg per day is the number to shoot for.  It's vital for the mending and regeneration of tissue including bone. 

Comfrey Leaf: Both applied topically and taken internally.  The ointment should be applied as close to the site of the broken bone as possible. If you your wearing a cast, just get it close. Remember: Everything you put on your skin goes into the blood so this will still be effective. Take it internally as well for best results. Comfrey has been used for centuries to knit bones! AND if you grow Comfrey at home, just throw a few leaves into a green drink and strain the pulp out. The roots may also be used.

Arnica! Arnica is a homeopathic remedy known throughout the world for minimizing trauma. Arnica will help speed the healing of bone, decrease pain, inflammation and minimize bruising. Arnica is available at any health food store along with the vitamin C and the

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