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How Chemicals Can Wreak Havoc On Our Hormones


I hope I don't catch it in the rear end on this but I had to post this article in it's entirety!

I'm sure it's some sort of copyright no-no. Sharing the info with people that need to know these things makes it worth the risk. It is from the June issue of Whole Living and it's not available online.

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There is alot of great info here- take your time and read it a page at a time.

Learn how chemicals, plastics and even sugar can disrupt hormonal balance- Our hormonal system is much more than just testosterone and estrogen.

Hormonal disruption can affect how we learn, our behavior, our brains, our reproductive function, metabolism and can even trigger diseases like diabetes.

Text by Hillari Dowdle and Illustration by Matt Mahurin

Update on 2013-01-29 by Desiree Winans

I have several friends who have come to me asking about their young children who are experiencing hormonal development EARLY.

Young girls getting their periods at 8 and 9 years old, developing pubic hair at a young age & even boys with abnormal breast tissue. Despite what a doctor may say, this is not normal and is a sign of an overload of estrogen mimicking substances in their little bodies. It can set them up for a lifetime of hormonal challenges- whether they be a boy or girl. 

What can be done about this? 

First of all- please reach out to me if you have questions for you or someone you love at so I can help 1 on 1. 

Here's a list of what you can do TODAY, to lower exposure to estrogen mimicking substances, clear the body of false estrogens & get those young bodies back on track! 

Remove all dairy and cheese from the diet that is NOT organic. Preferably dairy should be organically raised & RAW if consumed daily. 

Remove all Meats from the diet that are not organically FED for a time. Hormones used in NON-Organically raised livestock can contribute to endocrine disruption. 

Additionally if the feed that animals receives is GMO, there can be endocrine disruption lurking in this meat also. 

Remove all plastic eating utensils/drinking utensils from the home. Buy as much food in glass as possible. 

NEVER heat up anything in plastic for consumption. Remove all Plastic Spoons, forks, sippy cups, plates & plastic lined TO-GO coffee mugs or cups. 

Remove all toxic cleaners from the home. Clean home with vinegar, soap, castille soap, & baking soda. 

Anything with chlorine bleach (clothing detergents, bathroom cleaners etc that can linger in the air & be inhaled are endocrine disruptive. 

Anything that makes contact with the skin such as residues from detergents, enters the blood stream & over time is an endocrine disruptive substance. 

Get rid of Windex & all other chemical cleaners. 

Remove fluoride containing products from the home & decline fluoride treatments at the dentist. Fluoride is a known endocrine disruptor. 

Remove & discontinue Mercury amalgam fillings in the teeth for filling cavities. Mercury (any metal) may disrupt the endocrine system. 

Have a Naturopath muscle response test you for all of the Homeopathic Cell Salts by Hylands brand. These may help with the clearing of disruptive elements in the body. 

Limit the use of electronics, these may be endocrine disruptive. 

Limit refined white sugar within reason for a time. Sugar (believe it or not!) is an endocrine disruptor. Excessive amounts of white sugar can be harmful in this way.

Begin ingesting Black Cohosh Herb tincture to clear the false estrogen's from the liver. See a naturopath to determine the amount. 

Begin ingesting a small amount of Indole 3 Carbinol. One must seek the assistance of a naturopath to determine the correct dose. If you take to much, as the estrogen leaves the skin, the person taking it may become very itchy as it's a part of the detox. Slower is best when children are involved. 

The use of high quality essential oils like Young Living Brand may be helpful, they are very balancing, oxygenating to the cells and may expedite the process. Reach out to learn more.