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Childhood Eczema & Chronic Constipation

I recently did a bit of research for a friend who's 3 year old has Eczema.  She's had it for probably a year or so; She also has been plagued with constipation since she was a year and a half old, maybe younger.   Poor Baby:/

The reading that I've done thus far points to a Dairy Allergy.  This can explain both the constipation and the eczema. 

Since we know that dairy doesn't really provide much nutrition. (See my post from last week) Pasteurized milk lacks enzymes to process Calcium it contains.  It doesn't really break my heart to suggest a dairy free diet for 4 to 6 weeks.  It will help to regulate digestion, even on the off chance that Dairy is not the culprit.

Dairy Free Alternatives Include:

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