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Heal Your Leaky Gut and Cure your Allergies - And More!

You may have heard of Leaky Gut Syndrome: But what is a Leaky Gut? 

What happens is many years of poor eating, poor digestion and/or not drinking enough water erodes the lining of the gut. Stagnant wastes sitting around in the large intestine with delayed digestion also create parasite infestations that almost always simultaneously exist when someone has a leaky gut.  Gross I know- but wouldn't you rather know?

Anyway, food materials traveling through the intestines find their way through eroded portions of the intestinal lining and end up in the blood stream (where they DO NOT belong).  The body recognizes them as invaders and launches a response against the invader much the way it would respond to a pollen.  The body is pretty smart and it remembers those allergens as proteins that didn't belong in the blood stream. The body then sees any similar protein substance in the system as an invader.  This is why you see allergies to dairy, wheat, gluten, corn, soy, and so on; All contain proteins. 

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The Erin Brochovich of GMO's: What's Changed In Food

If you live in a L.A. or on the cornfields of Iowa, if you wear a suit and heels to work or throw your jeans and head to the factory; you still eat food grown in the United States.  We all do.  You and your children likely eat corn, soy, dairy and meat all in any given day.  Our diet as Americans hasn't changed much since farming went industrialized nearly 50 years ago now, so why in the last 15 years have we seen the explosion of food allergies?  It's not just a hunch, it's a fact:

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