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Thanksgiving Day Digestion Tips


Turkey Day is upon us and while I don't want to rain on our collective culinary parades, I do want to offer some helpful hints. My suggestions will assist you in digestion, assimilation and avoiding the post-meal-coma's. 

(Unless you really want one, which I totally respect!)

  • Do digestive enzymes the morning of (3-4) on an empty stomach and then if you can 1-2 more times throughout the day. This will help you digest and assimilate - and not feel like crap!
  • Try to limit the volume of beverages you drink while eating. 4oz at the time of a meal -tops. Liquids, (especially cold ones), slow down digestion by diluting stomach acids. Cold beverages must be "warmed up" by the body and require more work for the body to process.
  • Try fill your plate with at least half vegetables. Salads, green beans (yes even the casserole), sweet potatoes, are just a few. 
  • *Opt for 1 starch on the plate and stick with that. Perhaps you're dying for the bread rolls or crescents? Or maybe your a mashed potato girl (or boy). Limiting these complex carbs will assist in digestion.
  • Wait at least an hour after eating to have your desert. (I know- bummer). By doing this your giving your stomach a moment to process all that you ate before tossing in yet another type of food, (sugar and even sometimes fruit), that require another set of processes for the body to handle. This can really bog down the system leading to gas, bloating, fatigue, and even have you feeling a bit lethargic. 
  • HAVE FUN. I know it's tough to be with family sometimes, but remember; in the end all we really have is family. Let the annoyances roll off your back and look for all the bright spots and cling to them with a death grip. 

Reach out if you have questions and have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!