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Dear Modern Hippie, I Want to Do a Quick & Easy Cleanse...

My recommendation would be to do an "Elimination Diet".  If you're already a person that enjoys fruits and vegetables it won't be too hard for you.  If not-so-much, this will be difficult BUT still entirely worth doing:)  

My Elimination diet is all about removing (one day at a time), the foods that create acid in the body and are more difficult for the body to process.  This gives your body a break from the "heavy lifting" of digesting meats, breads, dairy and other acidifying foods and beverages.  When you give your body that "break", it can focus on other tasks at hand, like cleaning out the colon, purging the liver, or cleansing the pores of the skin.  The body knows best and if you give it a chance to heal, it will! 

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