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Emotional Wellness Assessment

Do you ever wake up with an unexplained feeling of fear?  Are you a bit of a germaphobe?  Do you get easily overwhelmed under the weight of the responsibilities you have at hand?  Do you feel like you just can't say no to people, always over committing yourself to friends co-workers and family?

These are all feelings that some if not ALL of us have from time to time.  My Emotional Wellness Assessment is a questionnaire that gauges your emotional temperament, day to day emotional feelings and even irrational and rational fears.  Once completed I will present you with the results and corresponding flower essences that help to balance your specific emotional temperaments.  They are subtle, safe for children, animals and even plants. Flower Essences are a vibrational therapy discovered in the early part of the 20th century by a man named Dr. Edward Bach.  They are used effectively all over the world!

My remedies are $20 plus shipping, they are a 90 day supply used 3 times daily.  They can be used each morning and throughout the day at any time you feel emotional distress, confusion, fear or anxiety.  Just 4 drops under the tongue.  You can additionally put 4 drops in your water that you sip throughout the day.  Use as needed for any sort of emotional imbalance. 

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