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Starting Up Gluten Free

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Trying to eat Gluten Free?

Here's some good starter info- BUT FIRST, WHY EAT GLUTEN FREE? 

  • Gluten is a very sticky molecule, it sticks to cell receptor sites- essentially "gumming up the works" 
  • Gluten has been modified over the last 150- years to be even MORE glutinous- we are now more reactive to this wheat as it's different than all previous wheat historically
  • Gluten inhibits cells ability to uptake sugar- adding insult to injury with those with sugar imbalances
  • Gluten makes you fat! - It's true, if you don't digest it well (most people don't), it doesn't completely leave the intestinal tract, adding weight over time
  • Gluten contributes to malabsorbtion of nutrients. This means your getting LESS of all those good foods your spending good money on. 
  • Contributes to skin problems, yeast problems, breathing problems and digestive issues- probably alot more than that to...
  • Gluten can easily be avoided these days with a bit of work at first but you get used to it! 

Here are some suggestion for alternatives: 

  • Wheat Bread: Spelt Bread or Ezekiel Bread (available at most health food stores). These are ancient forms of grains, easier to digest and don't activate the allergic responses in the body so easily. 
  • Wheat Noodles: Quinoa Noodles (amazing) you can't tell the difference at all! The link has the brand I like. 
  • Quinoa at meals instead of wheat based sides. Quinoa is SO delicious, cooks faster than rice and is GF!
  • Pizza is a toughie- they do make gluten free pizza's in the area but I haven't been able to try them yet. Here's a spot in Okemos that I've been wanting to go. Guido's Pizza is supposed to be really good. 

Lastly here's a list of restaurants that have gluten free options in Lansing

  • Spotted Dog Cafe (downtown Lansing - AMAZING), 
  • The deli at Better Health in Frandor (Lansing) makes gluten free wraps...
  • Here's a few more...

If you are severely allergic to wheat you will need to go beyond these guidelines as wheat is in soups, sauces, and all sorts of boxed foods. However you can reverse wheat intolerance with the proper nutrients. Beginning to supplement with L'Glutamine is the first step. This would need to be done daily for months to improvement. There are other cofactors that would help expedite this process.  

Please reach out to me at for more information on food allergies. 

10 Minute Organic Pesto

What a gluttonous meal this was!! I was inspired at the Lansing City Market when I saw their beautiful Organic Basil. 

Basil is naturally carminative which means that it is going to support digestion.  The Garlic is a natural anti-biotic and Rosemary has too many benefits to mention but mainly it's supportive of digestion.   This is a powerhouse of fresh, local, organic and healthful ingredients.   Using gluten free noodles yields a totally GF meal that kicks butt!

As you can see from the photo, this is some serious Pasta but the Basil is out in force right now so GO GET SOME! Let me know if you have questions, comments, if you make this dish feel free to give me feedback:)

I made this two nights ago and I've been chomping at the bit to post about it.  This Pesto Dish costs under $10 and is some serious gourmet stuff.  So put your water on to boil and get started! Here is what you need:

  • 4 large handfuls of fresh Organic Basil: Right now you can get it at the Lansing City Market (grown locally and organically for $2 a bag.)  Ask for Pam, she will hook you up!  
  • 3 cloves of Fresh Garlic: (I also bought these at Lansing City Market, organic, local, knock-your-socks-off good).
  • A whole bunch of Organic Olive Oil:  Ok, Since I never measure ANYTHING, it's hard to say, probably at least a quarter cup.  Start with that and add more liberally.  The pesto should be a very wet, oily texture.  I used the 365 brand to be specific.
  • Start with 1 tsp's of sea salt.  I use a grinder, so it could be more than that.  Once blended, if it tastes bland, add salt.  I use Himalayan Pink Salt.
  • Parmesan Cheese Shredded: At least 3 tbsp's, I kept adding until it tasted absolutely decadent.  Then we topped our plates with it so ~ don't be shy.  I use the Organic Valley Parmesan Cheese- on sale baby!
  • The secret ingredient is Rosemary:  I dried Rosemary from the garden last year and I just had enough to last until the next crop (ready later this month).  How I did it was I actually took a mortar and pestle and ground the rosemary to dust and added it to the blended pesto.  It was an after thought but I really like the flavor it gave. You can just use regular old rosemary spice.
  • All of this goes into a blender or food processor.  Blend till you can't bend no mo' !
  • Once it's done set it aside and cover it with plastic wrap.  If you expose the pesto to air it starts to change color and basically that means it's loosing flavor and freshness.  Stick the plastic right on to the pesto in a bowl. 
  • Make your noodles.  If you start boiling your water before you make the pesto, you'll save time. Any kind of pasta will do!  I did the Eden Organic Noodle flavored with Garlic and Parsley but you can use Quinoa Pasta, or just regular old spaghetti noodles!  Whatever floats your boat!  We used the entire box.
  • When the noodles are done add the pesto to the noodles, stir and DONE!  Add more oil if it seems dry. 
  • We heated "Stone Fired Brand" Garlic Naan (flat bread) for a little extra Carb-factor.

I garnished with some early yellow tomatoes my neighbor so graciously donated - THANKS LINDA! We also added additional parmesan cheese.  Pesto should be oily, and salty garlic basil flavor should explode!  If your not tasting it, add more salt, garlic or rosemary to taste.  This amount of Pesto and Noodles fed my husband and I until we were stuffed like Thanksgiving Turkeys.  If we would have eaten salad and steamed vegetables, this could easily feed 4.

Happy Summer!