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Crowd Pleasing, Heart Healthy, Garlic Guacamole!

You're probably like me and running out this morning to buy last minute snacks before the game. Did you know that most super bowl Sunday snack fests can pack an entire day's worth of calories into one sitting? Yikes! If your going to go for "caloric density" at least give your body something it can use like healthy fats and garlic- YUM!

So what can you pick up today that will please the masses and not spread your asses? Pardon my poem.

Guacamole: It's hard to find someone that doesn't like this green garlic goodness. I made a really great one with garlic, tomato, a touch of lime and cilantro. Avocado are rich in healthy fats, excellent for the heart and cardiovascular system as they are rich in vitamin E. Garlic is also heart healthy and especially good for those with high blood pressure. Garlic has been known for centuries for it's healing and anti-infectious properties. Cilantro is a beautiful herb as it supports the detoxification of heavy metals out of the body. Cayenne pepper, which is optional is circulatory, cleansing and diaphoretic (opens the blood vessels). Lastly lime is alkalizing and

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