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Holy Basil; My BFF :)


I've taken Holy Basil on and off for almost 10 years now (hard to believe) and I've taken it for all sorts of life events. Several job interviews come to mind - that I was terrified just thinking about weeks beforehand. When my brother passed away, it certainly came in handy too.

Holy Basil takes anxiety down a notch - or five! There is no druggy, woozy feeling; only upliftedness, optimism, faith and grace...that's it! I feel gracious!

I picked this up the other day in preparation for my seminar and I'm so glad I did.

3 days of supplementing with it and I can already feel the difference in my anxiety. Anxiety down - Wellbeing WAY Up!

I've been taken quite a bit. About 9 capsules a day. But it's worth every penny to feel this good and clear. To be able to speak my truth, and simultaneously FACE it.

It's huge!