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Making an Herbal Salve- It's Easy!


You can make a coconut oil based salve very easily at home. Begin with beeswax, coconut oil, cocoa butter and essential oils. You can also infuse your herbs in coconut oil for an additional herbal touch.

Store your jar of herbs infusing in oils near a heat vent in the winter or in a warm window sill in the summer. Coconut oil must remain at approximately 75º to stay liquid for infusion.

Other options for oils are olive oil, grape seed oil or jojoba oil.  The purpose of infusing herbs in oil (like with herbal teas) is to draw out the medicinal value of the plant into the oil for topical use. It's easy, fun and inexpensive way to treat dry skin, eczema and more!

Already have infused herbs with oils? Great! Strain coconut/herbal infusion with fine mesh strainer into a pyrex bowl and warm it on the stove. I have a glass top stove which works great, but gas stoves work well too on the lowest setting. Add shavings of beeswax & cocoa butter shavings. A good ratio is 1 part beeswax/cocoa butter to 3 parts coconut oil. Warm gently until melted. Don't allow it to smoke. You don't want to burn the oils. Remove from heat and add a bit of essential oil now if you like. 10-20 drops or so. 

No time for infusing herbs with oil? Just use plain coconut oil and add essential oils to create amazing and therapeutic grade salves - Plus it makes your essential oils go much further topically. Check out Young Living Oils for therapeutic grade oils. Ask me how to become a member for the best pricing. 

You can also make lipbalms in this same way! Just pick up the empty lipbalm containers online an use a narrow funnel to fill. 

You can also make lipbalms in this same way! Just pick up the empty lipbalm containers online an use a narrow funnel to fill. 

Other options for herbs to infuse with oils are calendula flower, plantain, comfrey leaf, yarrow flower and leaf and many more. Most herbs have some astringent qualities, those I listed are especially healing.

How to make sure your oils are ready to store: Add a few drops to wax paper and place in freezer for 30 seconds. If at that point the drops on the wax paper harden into a nice consistency for applying to the skin- not too thick, not too soft.  When it's too soft, it will melt instantly to the touch, you want to be just a bit firmer than that. Perfecting the homemade herbal salve takes time - It always turns out great though. Once you've found the right texture, it's time to put it in a glass jar for storage!

Herbal Salve Tip: If it is too thick - add more plain coconut oil. If it's too soft, add more cocoa butter and beeswax. A small amount at a time. Adjust as needed!