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How To Select & Take A Homeopathic Remedy

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First of all get yourself a good book on homeopathy. There are MANY. I like this one as it's laid out in short, easy to read chapters, there are charts listing remedies, symptoms and tips to help pick the remedy for each situation. 

Homeopathic Medicine at Home by Maesimund B. Panos, M.D. and Jane Heimlich is a great one that I use almost on a daily basis. 

Without having a reliable, fast reference book, it will be hard to think straight in times of illness or when your child falls ill quickly. It's important to have a fast reference book so you can find remedies FAST when you need them most. 

Selecting a remedy is a sometimes not an easy task. In homeopathy, it's all about making the remedy match the patient. It's THIS that makes it one of the most holistic of medicines on earth. You are taking into account the symptoms, how and at what time of day they present, the temperament and personality of the person! What is more holistic than that!?

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Once you find a remedy that's description of uses seems to match the patient or person, you'll want to begin dosing. 1 pellet is 1 homeopathic dose. No more is needed. 1 pellet under the tongue is all that is required for a dose. The active ingredients are sprayed on the outside so do not handle the remedies with your fingers or hands. Most homeopathic remedies have a cap, which serves as a nice "cup" to pour the pellet under the tongue. 

For severe cases such as a high fever, intense pain or from shock, grief or traumatic situation. Take the remedy every 15 minutes for a few hours or until symptoms change or improve. 

Many times if its the right remedy the child will fall asleep, calm down or show improvement quickly. After a few hours as the symptoms improve, the remedy may be given less. Every 2 hours is a good frame of time. Do this for the remainder of the day.

If there is NO improvement whatsoever, this is not the right remedy. It's time to crack the book and look again. It's easy to miss a small detail. The remedy you choose has a description and THIS should match your patient, client, child or yourself! 

The next day a few more doses may be necessary. If the symptoms are still presenting, do a dose ever 2-4 hours. If the symptoms change, then it's time to assess the changes in your trusty book and see if there is now a better remedy that matches the symptoms. Sometimes one remedy can improve symptoms but another is needed to finish the job. 

Lastly I'll briefly touch on what strength of remedy is suggested. The more intense cases need the higher numbers of remedy in general for what is available to the general public. Usually boiron has 30C & 6C's at every health food store around. 30C would be recommended for an intense situation like a fever, accident or uncontrollable behavior. A 6C would be recommended for a less intense situation, like car sickness, a runny nose or a cranky toddler. Hopefully that makes sense. 

Other Homeopathic Info: 

  • Homeopathic doses can be put in water to sip throughout the day. This is ideal as you wont waste money on multiple doses. Each sip=1 dose. 
  • Homeopathic remedies can be given to children, infants, pregnant ladies and elderly with complete safety. There has NEVER been a recall on any homeopathic remedy in nearly 200 years!
  • There are homeopathic creams and ointments, I recommend using these as an adjunct to the internal remedies. Used together they work much better in my opinion. An example is arnica montana, topical and internal for injuries, trauma or pain. 

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