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Taking Teething Tabs Or Other Homeopathic Remedies?


If you use homeopathy, you should read this!

A fan reached out with a question about the safety of teething tabs. I had to do a bit of looking because I really didn't know much about it. I knew that they had been recalled for a time in 2010 but I didn't know why. Here's the scoop:

There were reports before 2010 of children taking teething tablets that had reactions including seizures. I saw several forums with the same comment from a lady about her son Carter getting seizures from the Teething Tabs. 

Teething Tabs were voluntarily pulled from the shelves by Hylands, reformulated to be 100% consistant across the board. Apparently some of the Teething Tabs tested at the FDA Med-Watch laboratories tested 16 times more Belladonna in it than was supposed to be according to the label.

The product has been reformulated and has been available since 2011. Many people have taken this for years either for themselves or their children for irritability, crankiness, fever, teething and colic. It has several homeopathically prepared ingredients, but the one that seemed to be causing the issue was Belladonna.

How are Homeopathic Ingredients Prepared?

The raw substance is prepared (let's say in this case it's Arnica montana - a flower). In a container, 1 part Arnica montana is combined with 99 parts of purified water or other solvent like alcohol. This container with Arnica and water is shaken vigorously - or as it's known in homeopathy speak, it's "succussed" for several minutes. Then 1 part of it's contents are taken from this container and added to a new clean container. To this container, 99 parts of purified water is added. This new container is succussed or shaken for several minutes. Then 1 part of this containers contents are taken and added to a new container. This 3rd container has 99 parts of water added and it is succussed. It's contents would be considered an Arnica montana 3C dose as it was diluted and succussed 3 times. For an Arnica montana 30C, this same processes will be done 30 times! So as you can see, it's a VERY small amount of Arnica montana in the finished arnica 30C. 


And with that explanation, I'd like to share a story about something that happened to me about a year ago. 

My Adverse Reaction To A Homeopathic Remedy:

I ate some bad food while out with friends. I should have taken arsenicum album 30C (for food poisoning or eating of spoiled food), but I was so nauseated and my mouth was salivating like crazy - these symptoms indicated to take the homeopathic remedy Ipecacuanha (or ipecac promnounced ip•ee•kak 30C). 

I took the ipecac and started to feel better - however 10 or 15 minutes later, I began to break out in hives all over my body, my scalp, my face everywhere! I had to antidote my ipecac with arnica (happens to be an antidote for ipecac- there are multiple antidotes for each remedy). 

As soon as I began taking the Arnica montana the itching began to subside and I became very sleepy as it was bedtime and I just conked-out cold. I felt perfectly fine the next morning with NO hives or nausea or ill effect from the food. 

I spoke with a more talented student of homeopathy than I about it later. She was the one that helped me find the antidote as I was going a little crazy with hives. She had spoken to her mentor the following day about what happened to me. He is a homeopathic doctor.

He thought that it must be some deeper issue going on with me that would cause me to have a reaction to the ipecac like that. This was interesting to me as I had no idea that someone could react so strongly to such an small dilution of remedy. 

If you read the description of what ipecac can do to you taken in it's RAW form (meaning NOT diluted at all), one of it's side effects is to break out head-to-toe in hives. The homeopath mentor seemed to think that my reaction to such an infinitesimal amount of Ipecacuanha 30C (which is diluted 1 part ipecac to 99 parts water, 30 times) indicated a deeper chronic problem. I was intrigued! 

I learned two lessons that night:

1: Know your remedies. I should have taken arsenicum album in the first place as I was experiencing nausea due to bad food.

And 2: Homeopathy can bring about side effects in very rare cases. When those happen, an experienced homeopath should be called. Each person that takes homeopathic remedies should take it upon themselves to know a homeopath - just in case you need an antidote. I have a feeling those kids that had seizures could have benefited from antidotes, which would have been easy to do and worked very effectively. 

Just My Opinion: Why We Might Have Reactions To Homeopathic Remedies


With all the chronic problems adults and especially children have now - from WAY too many vaccines, far too much environmental poisons in the air and water, altered DNA from toxins, decreased immune function due to GMO's and God-know's-what-else, we're literally changing the genetic & cellular fabric of the human body. We've started seeing fish with both reproductive organs in our lakes and streams for God's sake! - What do we think is happening to the humans if this is happening to the animals? 

Our bodies have never (in 200 years of homeopathy) been THIS way. The new generation of children exposed to all this crap - 70-90 different vaccinations by age two? Yep I'm calling it out - this alone can create a hypersensitivity in a child that is irreversible.  Exposure to these elements must be limited as it's going to produce new physiological reactions to our environment AND some of these tried-and-true remedies may begin producing more reactions in the most sensitive individuals that have never happened in the 85 years that they've been making Teething Tabs. It's just a theory but I do believe that we might see more of this happening. 

The Good News: We Still Have Choices. 

We can mitigate the damage of all this with education. Educate ourselves on what foods to eat and what we are exposed to in our environments. Ensure we have the cleanest water we can, the cleanest food we can and avoid exposure to pollutants such as chlorine, fluoride, mercury and other substances that might alter our bodily function.

Let's educate ourselves on what we inject into our bodies, learn what the ingredients are, what negative consequences they might bring with them - And of course learn about the REAL dangers of some of these diseases that we're vaccinated for.

I could go on and on but I won't - Read Dr. Sherry Tenpenny's book "Saying No To Vaccines". She's a doctor who knows her stuff and has researched vaccines for 20 years. Don't vaccinate out of fear, vaccinate because you've heard both sides of the story and you know the risks associated with either choice. 

More Good News: Homeopathic Antidotes Work!


I'm happy to share the antidotes to Belladonna with you. According to the blogs I read about the Teething Tab issues, Belladonna was the ingredient that was causing a reaction in a few people. Belladonna in it's RAW form, can cause dilated pupils, sweating, irritability, fever and even seizures. Homeopathic remedies should not cause this to happen as they are diluted down SO much. However in rare cases it can happen. It happened to me with Ipecacuanha 30C.

This is another reason why I like taking SINGLE homeopathic remedies rather than taking a remedy like Teething Tabs that has 5 different ingredients or more. How can you know what is working or hurting with a remedy that has multiple ingredients?

Why Single Remedies Are Better

Single remedies are easier, more direct - and they either work or they don't. But they do require a bit of self education. Learning the remedies and what they should be used for is a priceless gift - I can't tell you how many times a homeopathic remedy has bailed my butt out of a massive headache, grumpiness, grief, fever, serious over-exertion aches and pains (from a 50 mile bike ride), bouts of nausea, car sickness, hives and many more. Just this morning I has having some sad thoughts about my Grandma passing last month. I was near tears for a while, then I took Ignatia amara 30C for grief. One dose and I felt better about it, it didn't feel like it was "consuming" me so. 

Don't be afraid to use homeopathy, just respect it's power and if you want to use it - get a book and learn the remedies. Also reach out to a local homeopath and let them know that you'd like to be able to reach out to them in the event you need an antidote suggestion. I'm sure they'd be happy to oblige you. "Homeopathic Medicine at Home" is a great book - Worth all $11!

Homeopathic Antidotes to Belladonna.

If you do have a reaction to belladonna from Hylands Teething tabs make sure to have 1 of the following single blue tube remedies by Boiron brand on hand at the first sign of negative reaction to belladonna. 

  • Pulsatilla Nigricans (known as just "pulsatilla"30C  
  • Camphora Officinarum (known as "camphor") 30C
  • Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum (known as "hepar sulph") 30C. 

Take one pellet (of either 3 of the above remedies) under the tongue every 5 minutes if  your child is having or recently had a reaction to the belladonna in any homeopathic product. If they have taken Teething Tabs for a long long time without problem, they likely won't ever have one. 

These remedies can be purchased at a health store near you for around $7. Or you can buy them by the 5 pack on for CHEAP!

I can't stress enough HOW RARE these reactions are.


In almost 10 years of taking homeopathy weekly, I've only had that one reaction. And it was quickly remedied with an antidote. I've got health issues and I'm slowly but surely working them out. I believe what happened to me was a lesson for me to share with others.

This is a Hylands Fact Sheet indicating what is in the Teething Tabs, how much and what the homeopathic ingredients do. They have reformulated the Teething Tabs to contain proper amounts of the remedy belladonna and you would have to ingest multiple bottles of the Teething Tabs to get any reaction at all. I do feel like it's always better to be prepared though and so if your concerned about a reaction to belladonna, pick up a one of the remedies I mentioned to use as an antidote. 

Thanks for reading all this. I know I got a little "preachy" there for a minute but I really feel strongly that we need to "slow our roll" with our genetic roulette. I'm cautiously optimistic about the future of the human race, ya know?  - I know I won't get to see it all play out from this lens, but while I'm here, my duty is to contribute to the natural health and preservation of our perfectly made bodies in whatever way I can.