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Kick Off Spring With Some "Internal Body Maintenance"!

I'm teaching a class on Juicing, Fasting & Healing the Lining Of The Gut - Join me in March!

Hosted by the Compassion Wellness Center in Clawson on March 15th @ 2:00pm,  I'll be demonstrating Live Organic Juicing, Live Organic Green drinks and I'll discuss the benefits of fasting and healing the lining of the intestinal tract.

It has been said that all disease originates from problems of the gut. I believe this has much truth to it. I'll discuss ways you can improve intestinal health via juicing, specific nutrients and foods and improve your health naturally. 

10 Symptoms That Indicate You Have A Leaky Gut: 

  • digestive issues such as gas, bloating, diarrhea, IBS
  • seasonal allergies or asthma
  • hormonal imbalance such as PMS or PSOS
  • auto-immune disease such as arthritis
  • chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia
  • mood problems, depression, anxiety, ADD/ADHD
  • acne, rosacea, eczema
  • food allergies or food intolerances
  • candida