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Cranberry Juice is Good For a UTI/Bladder Infection, Right?

Well not exactly.  Cranberry Juice (even if it's organic & natural) is a temporary fix & doesn't get to the heart of the problem. PLUS Cranberry Juice is very acidic, helping to form Uric Acid in the body which is BAD for those with fibromyalgia, gout, arthritis, & kidney stones.  Stick with freshly juiced juices instead for maximum benefit to kidneys, bladder & the whole body! :)
And for UTI's, I recommend drinking MORE than half your body weight in ounces daily & the herbs Parsley Leaf, Marshmallow Root, Pau D'Arco & Black Walnut tinctures combined, 20 drops taken 2X's Daily!  Go to your nearest health food store and check it out! :)
Also rubbing the reflex points to the kidneys and bladder shown in the photo above will help those areas of the body to function properly.  Use the thumb to massage these areas from every direction each night before bed for best results. OR email me for pricing on my reflexology sessions.  It's very relaxing and benefits ailments like these GREATLY! 
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Herbs & Natural Dietary Suggestions for Kidney Stones

Kidney stones can be a real pain in the, well- Kidneys!  Renal calculi (a.k.a. kidney stones) are typically lodged in one of the ureters (tube connecting kidney to bladder).  This can block the flow of urine and be very painful.  For some people they experience no pain but the stones can become quite large and must be dealt with as if they continue to grow, they could cause a blockage and become painful down the road.  If the blockage becomes really bad the urine backs up in the kidneys and can cause serious kidney damage. 

Stones are a sign that the body is not in mineral balance.  Since the stones are made mostly of Calcium, this tells a bit about what is happening in the body.

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