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New Digs: I'm Renting An Office Space!


I'm moving into an office space to do my naturopathic consults & craniosacral therapy work!

This is a big step for me and I'm "calling it in" for all the support I need from those around me & the universe. If you've ever been interested in what I do or the classes I teach, now is the time to come and see what it's all about.

Check out the services page to learn more about what I do.

For the month of December I'll be offering discounted rates that you will have the opportunity to keep for the duration of our relationship. I'll "grandfather" you in! I'll be available only Wednesday's and Fridays until January 1st and thereafter I'll have more flexibility. Email me at for more information and schedule at the link! :)

My new office will be located at 33576 Harper Ave. Clinton Township, Mi 48035. I'll be sharing a space with a really talented lady - Becky Stevens Holistic Alternatives, who is a medical intuitive and bodywork/energy worker. She has quite an amazing story and her work speaks for itself! 

Thanks so much for your support!