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I Can Heal My Life...And So Can You!


  This just went to the top of my recommended reading list. Wow - Total life changing read! 

In You Can Heal Your Life author Louise Hay talks demonstrates how beliefs formed as children frame the lens in which we view the world. How these beliefs and our thoughts manifest everything that happens or doesn't happen to us, AND contributes to creating the diseases/ailments from which we suffer. "Every thought we have forms our futures." She teaches us how to identify the beliefs and how to let them go and heal your life and body. Amazing.

It was slow going to begin reading it as these concepts are radically different than anything I've ever heard - but I quickly couldn't put it down. It's just what the naturopath ordered! Patient, heal thyself!!

I'm going to immediately read it again, and put the exercises into practice.

Have you read this book? What did you think? What did you find most helpful?