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Herbs aren't Drugs, They're Food!

The Majestic Mullein Plant, Lung Support Herb & Much More!A friend reached out to me today & asked me if herbs were standardized.  Standardization takes place in laboratories; isolating compounds from substances so that they can bottle it and make the potencies all the same.  My friend is in nursing school and they mentioned this in class. Very interesting.

When people make the statement, "Herbs can't be standardized; This month you buy a bottle & it's one potency & next month you buy a bottle & it's totally different" is a misunderstanding of herbs entirely. 
One that would make this kind of statement thinks of herbs in terms of pharmaceuticals.  Herbs aren't drugs, they are food. Parsley has a action on the kidney (diuretic), is parsley a drug? No, It's a food.  Same with garlic, & many more foods. My response to this sort of thinking is; Can you standardize an apple?  No.  And no one would ever expect to have standardized apples because apples are food.  Although they do vary in fiber, sugar, minerals & so on based on where they are grown, how good the soil is how long the season was, etc.  Herbs are food too; & yes they will very slightly from crop to crop.  
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