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Post Weekend Natural High

I just had another amazing weekend up at my Naturopathic College. I learned lymphatic drainage massage, infant massage & pregnant mother massage- it was awesome!

The lymphatic drainage massage was intense! I underestimated the potential for detox there! I felt terrible on & off for about 24 hours during the weekend at class. Eek!

Lots of water a few days before, during & a few days after the massage would have increased the benefit to my body & lessened detox symptoms. Symptoms of tissue detox include weakness, dizziness, nausea, negative emotions, & even flu-like symptoms! ALWAYS drink water for any sort of body work, but especially lymphatic drainage massage.

Then I came home to this beautiful arrangement blossoming on the table from a friend... Welcome home! Am I a lucky girl or what?!?! I get to go learn about what I love, help people and get love from all around. I'm blessed beyond belief.