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How Bananas Eaten Daily Contribute to Potassium Deficiencies; Whaaaa?

I know my banana lovers in the house are going to riot once they read this post, but I just wanted to impart what I've learned recently about eating foods that are picked green.

When we talk about fruits it's important to keep in mind that in an ideal situation, fruit ripens on the tree (or at least get close), and then we eat them. When fruit is picked green, it still has minerals and vitamins that it has yet to develop in it's natural process towards decomposition. That is what fruit was born to do, decompose and produce seeds to continue the species.  

Fruits gets nutrients from the tree, the sun, the water; All that. Eating fruits that are not local to our region, for example bananas, are never tree ripened.  When we consume them, they pull enzymes and vitamins from our body to complete decomposition in our digestive tract.

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Heal Your Leaky Gut and Cure your Allergies - And More!

You may have heard of Leaky Gut Syndrome: But what is a Leaky Gut? 

What happens is many years of poor eating, poor digestion and/or not drinking enough water erodes the lining of the gut. Stagnant wastes sitting around in the large intestine with delayed digestion also create parasite infestations that almost always simultaneously exist when someone has a leaky gut.  Gross I know- but wouldn't you rather know?

Anyway, food materials traveling through the intestines find their way through eroded portions of the intestinal lining and end up in the blood stream (where they DO NOT belong).  The body recognizes them as invaders and launches a response against the invader much the way it would respond to a pollen.  The body is pretty smart and it remembers those allergens as proteins that didn't belong in the blood stream. The body then sees any similar protein substance in the system as an invader.  This is why you see allergies to dairy, wheat, gluten, corn, soy, and so on; All contain proteins. 

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