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Top Notch Water Filtration Systems! Plus You Can Talk To A Real Person Who Knows Water!


A fan reached out wondering about water filtration and this is my go-to site! Call them so they can help you figure out what water filtration system is right for your needs and budget. 

I'd also recommend adding trace minerals to your Reverse Osmosis or Distilled Water - Water LOVES minerals. When we remove them with the Reverse Osmosis process, they bond to minerals in your body - yes, leaching minerals out of your tissues - on the way out of your system. 

Make sure you're adding minerals to your water for this reason and also to alkalize the water, as RO water is very acidic. 

Here's a great little video on the importance of water quality. It's a serious 30 minute look at what is coming out of the tap - and it's a little freaky. Check it out!