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What's For Lunch? Organic Kale Salad- Spectacular!


What's for lunch? Crisp Organic Kale Salad! 

Here's what you'll need! 

  • Finely Chopped Young Kale
  • Tomato
  • Thinly Sliced Cucumber
  • Drizzle of Hemp & Herb Dressing
  • Light Sprinkle of Parmesan
  • Sprinkle of Ground Flax & Pumpkin Seeds for Crunch!
  • Add Feta Cheese to beef it up a bit if you like! ;)

Benefits of these foods include Calcium from the Kale & antioxidants from the tomatoes- especially home grown!

Selecting Young Kale will ensure a better flavor. Young Kale are the smaller leaves, they are more delicate & less bitter.

There are digestive benefits from the Apple Cider Vinegar, Hemp oil & herbs in the dressing. Ground flax provides additional fiber & Pumpkin Seeds are naturally anti-parasitic (gets rid of parasites). It's delicious without the cheese but with it- downright spectacular! Happy Summer!