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Bodycare Minus the Junk

Here's a few of my favorites...


Alaffia Brand Shampoo's and soaps (anything they make is high quality and natural in the highest order). It is a little pricey (not too bad really though) and available these days at most health food stores. I LOVE this company; truly a company with a cause. You can also find them online. 

Aubreys: Their shampoos are some of the most natural available. They too are a little on the pricey side (kind of par for the course with the really natural stuff). However when I worked at Whole Foods (and still today I have to remind myself) That it's not important that you get this huge "sudsie" lather for your hair to be clean.

Lather = Detergents. Detergents are drying and overall not really that good for the hair anyway;my point is Less is More. It's a hard habit to break because it just feels good!


My absolute favorite these days because it comes in a HUGE bottle is a brand called Everyday Shea. Coincidentally they are produced with raw materials from Allaffia (the aforementioned product line). They are in my opinion not AS natural as Aubrey's or Allaffia BUT they are better than anything you'll buy at a regular grocery store or salon and MUCH better than most of the stuff that is sadly stocking most co-ops and health food stores today. We are in serious need of personal care ingredient legislation to regulate what these companies sell us....


Avoid Alba, Jason, and Natures Gate. Last time I checked these ubiquitous natural body care products where poorly ranked on the cosmetic site done by the environmental working group called Skin Deep. They rate everything as far as carcinogenic ingredients etc. Check that out when you have time! :)