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How Unplugging Helped Me Plug Back In


It's nice what you observe when you go for a walk or a run without your phone, iPod, or any sort of electronic device.

I've done it two days in a row now. I like how I feel my energy going inward with thought and outward with tiny connections with strangers. 

So many times, I felt happy, thoughtful, connected and could feel euphoric feelings moving outward and inward simultantiously. All because I was engaged in the world. Or at least that's what I think is the reason. 

Also the silence is nice. It's rare & gentle:) I love it!

Although my attention often went to what I DIDN'T hear, it also went frequently to things that I was more aware of without the electronic stimuli of either checking facebook, changing songs in iTunes or seeing what time it was... I heard interesting private conversations, I got a random high five from a student who may not have engaged me if I had my ear buds in.

I even saw a girl drop something important riding her bike- but she couldn't hear me as I shouted for her, hope she is able to work that out:/

Lastly, seeing nature churn: water move, leaves rustle, & fat daddy squirrels with all their pre-winter scampering. 

I may never take my iPhone for an iRun again!