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How to Protect Your Kids from Respiratory Virus EV-D68 Naturally

There's a respiratory virus afoot in the midwest - called EV-D68 - those that have asthma or respiratory weakness might be most susceptible. 


Easy Virus Prevention For Kids & Adults Below:) 


Natural Immunogenic's Sovereign Silver Colloidal Silver: 

- this is simple, tasteless, anti-bacterial AND anti-viral protection for adults, children, elderly and even infants. Despite the controversial chatter on the internet - Colloidal Silver by Natural Immunogenic's Brand is made in such a way that the molecules are SUPER small, SUPER easy to assimilate by the liver and SUPER effective. I've been using this for 10 years and it works every time. I've turned probably a hundred people on to this stuff. Consider this your first line of defense if you need an easy fix. 

Purchase 2-3 spray bottles to keep at the house (available online and at a health food store near you) Use as directed, one week on, one week off. This "pulse pattern" of supplementation will provide protection, while allowing the immune system to function on it's own naturally.  Use as directed on the bottle. 


Thieves Essential Oil by Young Living Oil Blend:

Amazing antibacterial anti-viral protection for the entire family. It can be put on the feet each morning for children of all ages or a drop on the back of the neck for children 10 and over. 

I like it so much that I put a drop on the tongue each morning - catching viruses and bacteria at the source. 

This is available online and should always be in the home in my opinion - the uses are unlimited. Great for gum health, fungal skin infections, athletes feet, colds, flu, bronchitis, and more. 


Wellness Formula By Source Naturals:

If sprays and oils aren't your thing; consider Wellness Formula by Source Naturals. This is a tried and true product (I've been using this for 10 years also with great results). It's available in capsules (I'd recommend this for easy swallowing) and it's also available in a tasty children's liquid that is also available. 

Wellness Formula is like throwing the kitchen sink at a cold or flu - but taking this preventively, morning and night - one week on, one week off in a pulse pattern to support the immune system while allowing it to do it's job. 


These remedies could also be used for....

•Ebola prevention (yep - just in case your worried)
•cold and flu prevention of all kinds, strains etc. 
•helps with candida
•sexually transmitted diseases
•supports healthy heart, circulation, inflammation levels etc. 

Lastly - of course - hand washing. That's number one. Washing the hands while singing the ABC's is enough time to kill bacteria & virus to stop their spreading. 

Also it can't be overstated - good diet - avoid refined sugars (lowers the immune system big time), excessive dairy and get plenty of fresh fruits and veggies daily with adequate water. 

I hope this helps you friends! :)