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What Milk With My Cereal is Best? Rethinking Breakfast

Messages like this are great-BUT they don't mean that what your buying is a Whole unprocessed Food.
On the path to healthier eating, I've changed what I eat for breakfast SO many times...
...I went from cows milk to soy milk and then hemp milk in my cereal; I switched to smoothies I went to just having eggs and now I've been juicing daily in the morning for over a year.
When we're searching for health, it's learned in increments. We'll never stop learning (hopefully) and we never stop searching for the answers to health. That consciousness is a rare and beautiful thing- that many people won't ever have! So if your reading this, your searching and I'm happy to be apart of it- if only in a tiny way.
As far as what milks to choose, the bottom line is, the more natural, unprocessed the better. Since "natural" has become somewhat of an adulterated term itself, I'll explain. 
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