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Defeating the Yeast Beast

This is the Renew Life Critical Care recommended by my Naturopath. I've trusted Renew Life for years. Pick this up at Better Health with a coupon if you can as it's pricey. Chronic yeast infections are not something to put a bandaid on...

...And by bandaid I mean Monastat, Vagasil or any of those other over the counter creams or suppositories. This will only suppress this illness for a short time, only to have it rear it's ugly head later. As it did with me. I used Monastat in my early twenties for yeast infections that I would get about once a year or so. 10 years later, here I am dealing with it for keeps, naturally.

For me this battle with yeast began with the removal of the mercury from my teeth late last year; just days later the yeast began to detox from my body, with a vengeance! Mercury toxicity actually impedes the body's ability to reduce yeast overgrowth. Now that the mercury is gone, the yeast is subsiding. I have flare ups but as long as I avoid beer, too much refined sugar and stick to the program below, I'm defeating the yeast beast. Healing is about perminant lifestyle changes, not temporary quick fixes. Ho Hum.

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