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Yoga & My Emotional Release

I just had an amazing emotional release in my morning yoga class...yep - I cried there on my mat in savasana.


An emotional release is a release of energy or Prana, a release of emotion that's been held deep inside. It felt good to feel that way on my mat. I wasn't embarrassed even though I'm certain some of my fellow yoginis noticed. I felt glad that I could do that, as I know some can't.

It was the funniest thing though; it was the song that she played while we rested there. It reminded me of my grandmother almost immediately. Probably because it had the air of being slightly religious - but not overtly.

It made me think of my late grandmother because she was always telling me that she wanted me to find a nice church. When I think of this it makes me smile.

Laying there thinking of her, I could see every detail of her face, her eyebrows, her eyes and hair. I could hear her voice. It was as if she was with me - and I knew that she was.

As we heal ourselves - we heal 7 generations forward and 7 generations back. I know my grandmother is happy for me because - well, I found my church:)

Enjoy the day and tell the ones you love - that you love them:)

Why Yoga? A Short Essay By Desiree Winans

I started practicing yoga 6 months ago at Bodhi Seed when we moved to Mt. Clemens. I’ve done yoga before but I never heard the “call” to yoga as I did here. During this time, I’ve undergone a physical, emotional and spiritual change; that yoga undoubtedly played a role in. I’m stronger physically, more balanced emotionally and more open spiritually. But let’s face it: What plays the biggest role in change is pain, adversity. You never do know what life will hand you and it’s handed me the best and the worst all at once. Our divine universe is funny like that. She has a great sense of humor!

Tectonic changes in life can really do a number on your body and mind. Yoga helps my body keep up with emotional and spiritual shifts, and grow into them gracefully. Everybody has bad stuff happen to them, but I honestly don’t know how they get through it without yoga? To even have the privilege of this thought, I know I am truly blessed.

Realizing your blessings is not without moments of self pity. I’ve said to myself more than once, “I wish we would have never moved here”. But you can’t change the past. Only the lens through which you view it. I know now that I came to Mt. Clemens for a reason, and I think the reason is yoga.

Yoga has spread into every corner of me, unlocking something in my cells that’s been there a long time. It’s been my sanctuary in dark moments, when all I could do to stay upright was breathe. I’ve walked into Bodhi Seed with my heart in my stomach, and walked out feeling new, my heart more open and forgiving. Yoga did that for me.

My breath, postures and meditations have helped my body stay healthy despite some of the most traumatic situations I’ve ever been through. Yoga has often been my savior; my yogi-knight-in-shining-armour. Without it - and the serenity it’s brought me - I don’t know where I’d be. Not this happy, not this centered. My practice is my most lucid time of the day, each day. I tried to dull my senses for years and the sweetness and strength that I’ve found in my practice has taught me that I want to be present for every waking moment. SO much has changed in my life, and the good parts I dedicate to my practice; each time I put my hands to heart center.

Yoga is allowing me to slowly let go of what no longer serves me; to release it with every exhale. Even if it’s just for an hour a day, I can get that freedom! This beautiful, spiritual technology is a preventative vibrational medicine against all disease and suffering! It’s a lofty statement but I believe it wholeheartedly to be true. I can feel it in my sit bones!

With each yoga expression, though I may not fully understand the complexities; I grow faith. Faith that what I can’t yet fathom, but resonates as truth to me, is what gets me closer to the divine inside, closer to my authentic self and closer to every human being. I love yoga and I want to share it with people. It’s been an important part of my healing process and I feel yoga will play a role in how I help others heal their hearts, bodies and minds. Thanks for reading!