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Bloggers Delight! Introducing the Zero G Anti-Gravity Case for iPhone 6 & iPhone 6P

This case sucks - literally!

And my husband is the inventor; I'm so proud!

The Zero G Anti-Gravity Case for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is built with nano-suction technology -

Nano -WHAT? 

Imagine a case with thousands of microscopic suction cups stuck to the back, allowing your iPhone to stick to glass, tile, stainless steal, mirrors, countertops, white boards, computer screens, windows and even some walls.

It's a SUPER sticky case - yet without being sticky to the touch. Genius.

I had my own Zero G prototype for a few weeks - I used it for making videos for my blog, used it for photography for Modern Hippie on Facebook and I literally don't think I do without it now! I want my Zero G!

Here's me demonstrating some uses for the Zero G Case in the kitchen. I think you'll find that it comes in very handy in every room of the house and when you're out and about too. Zero G is easy to use, it's easy to clean - it's a game changer for iPhones  - ENJOY!

Take a look at the video Carl shot to promote this case.

They shot for the Kickstarter campaign some of it here and some of it out in California. So many wonderfully talented people came together to shoot this thing - We're very blessed! 

We got reviewed last night by David Carnoy at who says, "Zero G is the Spider Man of iPhone 6 cases.". It really, REALLY is! 

Check out CNET's glowing review after using Zero G for a couple of days below!

So if you're a blogger, an artist, a selfie-aholic, a DYI'er, a teenager, a mom, dad, dog (just kidding), YOU NEED THIS CASE! 

Back the project at at any level today!

We need your support to bring this case to fruition.