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Bone Broths For Seasonal Health


Long ago our grandmothers and great grandmothers cooked all the meat and the bones into stews and broths. This was a beautiful way of not only utilizing all of the animal that sacrificed it's life so that we might be healthier - but it also gave us a much needed source of minerals that are in short supply these days. Let's take a lesson from granny! You can rebuild the bones, intestinal tract & stay healthier this season with bone broth!

Bone broth is made by allowing the beef or chicken bone to disintegrate into water in a crockpot over the course of 7 days. I like to also add onion & celery! Check out this article called "perpetual soup". It's where I learned to make easy crock pop bone broths. And I now integrate them regularly into my diet for better digestive health.  When the intestinal tract is healthier, the immune system is healthier. Most of our immune system is located in our intestinal tract. Healthy fats contained in bone broth coat the cells with a protective layer, making them more resistant to infections by viruses. Bone broths are both healing and protective. 

I like to use my bone broths to make quinoa and rice dishes. Instead of using water, just use the broth instead. It gives a good flavor and great nutrition. And kids won't know the difference!

Always choose grass fed, pastured meat bones from the cleanest source you can find. Ask questions about where the animals are raised. See if there is a lot of conventional agriculture in that area, try to avoid this as there is much pollution from pesticides in these areas. See if the cows and chickens are allowed to roam about the pasture. This is a pastured animal and a much healthier one too. This will in turn pass that extra health to you and your family!

The result is mineral rich, tasty & inexpensive. It's wonderful for children needing additional nutrition. And it's soothing and warming on a snowy day - like today!