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My Bronchitis Defense

Well friends, I caught a cold.

- Ironically as I was writing a class on Natural Remedies for Cold & Flu. The universe is funny little beeotch sometimes, isn't she?

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It's a humbling experience that reminds me that sometimes we just get sick. From a naturopathic standpoint, colds for which there is no cure but to "ride the storm out", are indeed a cleansing process of the body.

Eliminating via the channels that the body knows best; mucus, congested lymph, emotional toxicity is banished. It can either go easy or go in a difficult way. This drinky-poo that I made will help it go easier for you. It's meant to inspire you to use what you have to make yourself well. And reach out with questions. 

Louise Hay who wrote "You Can Heal Your Life" says that grief is the emotion of the lungs. Considering the times of grieving that I've been through in my life I can look back and see all the episodes of bronchial infections as a manifestation of grief from the previous year(s). You might know the feeling of loosing a loved pet, or loosing a husband to divorce or separation, or god forbid - loosing a child. When this happens you might find yourself sighing constantly.

Sighing is just one physiological indication of grief - manifesting from emotional to physical. The body also can manifest it into bronchitis, asthma or other lung conditions. That's my two cents on emotions and other circumstances around illness. As I said before we can help our bodies to exercise the demons more gently; Here's what I concocted last night and I'm really excited about how it tastes, and how it will heal. 

Other options would be echinacea tincture, mullein tincture, eucalyptus essential oil.  

Raw honey sweetens and soothes rawness in the chest, organic lemon is cleansing, alkalizing and mineral rich. The Bee Formula strengthens adrenals, helping to cope with illness, and is antimicrobial.

Maca Root helps remove toxicity from the lungs from pollutants, smoking or emotional toxicity. Also enhances strength and stamina so you feel better during times of illness.

Elderberry is high in Vitamin C, and excellent for respiratory congestion and hoarseness. Also great for fevers as it's diaphoretic.

I added a drop of R.C. Essential Oil by Young Living Oils to put the cherry on top. It added a very medicinal taste and effect which I love. The oils of this blend are warming, antibacterial, decongesting, and circulatory. 

And - it tastes just like some sort of over the counter concoction that I used to drink as a child so it's WAY taking me back in time to a nostalgic place of healing - or at least that's my perception of it.

It tastes like those hot packets of alkaseltzer plus cold and flu in lemon flavor or something. Which does absolutely NOTHING for you but tastes good in a medicine sort of way. This concoction actually is doing something to heal me and it was easy and inexpensive to make. 

Cheers! :)